Highlights 2015

The Asian American Heritage Festival of 2015 was held on May 31st 2015 at the NJ Expo and Convention Center, Edison NJ. The Festival marked the celebration of the Asian American Heritage month of May in the United States. The event was attended by corporate sponsors, vendors, dance schools, celebrities, dignitaries, and a large section of the Asian American population from the Tri-State area. The event was a true Lifestyle Festival because it touched every aspect of the life of of the Asian American community.

Nearly 5000 people attended the day-long event

Over 20 corporate sponsors and 10 media sponsors

Over 75 ethnic clothing, jewelry, handicrafts and food vendors

Exhilarating performances by 20 top dance schools from the area

Inaugurated by Mr. Mulay, Counsel General of India and NJ State Senator Thompson

Meet and greet with top Bollywood celebrities

Sony Entertainment Television – exclusive TV media partner

Extensive online, print, radio and TV promotions and advertising


Lifestyle Festival

  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Health
  • Financial Planning
  • Celebrity Interaction

Corporate Participation

  • Over 20 corporate sponsors
  • Financial Services, Real Estate, Healthcare
  • Onstage sponsor promotion and recognition
  • Prominent booth placement
  • High visibility to sponsors' brands
  • Real Estate Focus

Media Sponsorship

  • Sony Entertainment Television – Grand Media Sponsor
  • Radio Zindagi, EBC Radio – Radio sponsors
  • Rediff India Abroad, News India – Print Sponsors
  • Awesome TV and AVS TV – TV Sponsors
  • ARY Digital – Pakistani TV Sponsor

Cultural Extravaganza

  • Eight hours of exhilarating dance performances
  • 34 acts by 20 Top Dance schools
  • Over 600 children – Ages 5 to 18
  • Terrific Audience Response
  • Diverse Performances

Multichannel Marketing

  • Over 300 TV ads over a 4 week period
  • Extensive Facebook coverage
  • Online advertising on Asian portals
  • Media coverage
  • PR Newswire coverage
  • Youtube promotion

Celebrity Spotlight

  • Abhay Deol, Nargis Fakhri, Omi Vaidya
  • Romee Khan – Bollywood singer
  • Indian TV Talent show winners
  • Extensive audience interactions with celebrities
  • Onstage Sponsors Recognition by Celebrities

Real Estate

  • Top Builders from India
  • Top Builders from US
  • Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)
  • Mortgage Lenders and Realtors
  • Investment and Residential Properties


  • Feature-app

    11.00 am

    Indian Classical Dance

    This performance marked a fusion of several Indian classical dance forms. It was performed by young children and teenagers adorned in colorful costumes.

  • Feature-app

    11.30 am

    Gujarati Dance Performance

    Gujarat in India is famous for its rhythmic and elegant dance form of Garba and Dandiya. This performance was an improvisation of these dance forms performed to the beat of contemporary music by teenagers adorned in stunning outfits and holding colorful pots

  • Feature-app

    12.00 noon

    Indian Bhangra Dance

    Bhangra is the signature dance form from the northern Indian state of Punjab and is performed to the beats of the drums. This high energy dance electrified the audience and set the tone for the rest of the day

  • Feature-app

    12.30 pm

    Krishna-Radha Dance – Juniors

    Krishna and Radha is part of the Indian folklore and their playful courting was depicted beautifully by these bright-eyed ever-smiling little wonders.

  • Feature-app

    01.00 pm

    Taiwanese Folk Dance

    These talented dancers mixed things up with a rhythmic and elegant dance performance to the beat of Taiwanese drums and cymbals.

  • Feature-app

    01.30 pm

    Lord of Destruction Dance

    Shiva the Lord of Destruction often would perform his dance with his horde of followers. This performance by an amazing group of performers captured the audience's attention with their superbly coordinated depiction of the Shiv Tandav dance.

  • Feature-app

    02.00 pm

    Chinese Peacock Dance

    The Chinese Peacock Dance is a languid performance where the performers sway to the movement of rhythmic music creating an impression of the peacock's performance just before the rains arrive.

  • Feature-app

    02.30 pm

    Chinese Wedding Dance

    This performance was greeted with raucous applause by the audience for its high energy, diverse movements and superb choreography. The performers presented a stunning array of costumes and their performance resembled that of a professional dance grop.

  • Feature-app

    03.00 pm

    Indian Traditional Dance

    This multi-part performance by young children was a depiction of some of the oldest Indian dance forms. The performance showed the a high level of skill, dedication and training to their art form.

  • Feature-app

    03.30 pm

    Chinese Water Dance

    Perhaps the highlight of the day, this young lady hushed the audience with her elegant and graceful ballet-like performance that depicted the flow of water. It was a perfectly harmonious and effortless display of high level of skill and command over her art form.

  • Feature-app

    04.00 pm

    Bollywood Dance

    Bollywood churns out popular dance numbers every year, and no Asian American event can be complete without a performance on the beats of Bollywood music. This toe tapping performance was done masterfully by a group of very talented dancers.

  • Feature-app

    05.00 pm

    Drums and Percussions

    Indian music boasts of over 50 types of percussion instruments. This group provided a unique form of entertainment with several types of percussion instruments performed a varying rhythms and tempos. Their sounds resonated to the far corners of the 70,000 sq foot venue.

  • Feature-app

    05.30 pm

    Senator Frank Thompson

    The event turned towards its celebrities and dignitaries with NJ State Senator Frank Thompson addressing the audience and presenting the Joint Legislation Resolution to Mamta Narula, the organizer of the event.

  • Feature-app

    06.00 pm

    Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay – Indian Consul-General, NY

    The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, the Indian Consul General of NY. He was able to brave the inclement weather and come to the event with his family and addressed the audience with a high-energy speech.

  • Feature-app

    06.30 pm

    Ms. Nargis Fakhri – Bollywood Ambassador

    Then it was time for the celebrities to make their appearance. Nargis Fakhri is an Asian American from Queens, NY who has rocked the Bollywood screens with her electrifying performances. She was greeted to a huge roar and she was fantastic with her interactions with the audience.

  • Feature-app

    07.00 pm

    Mr. Abhay Deol – Bollywood Ambassador

    The classy Abhay Deol who is known for some of the best performances in contemporary Bollywood cinema was the final act of the Festival. He quickly connected with the audience and followed it up with a photo opportunity in our sponsor booth. The queue outside the photo booth was indicative of the level of excitement the stars bought to the event.


Television & Radio


There was extensive promotion of the Asian American Heritage Festival 2015 on several prominent ethnic TV channels:

  • Sony Entertainment Television came on as the Grand Media sponsor with 175 thirty second spots over a four week period before the the event on – Sony MAX, Sony SAB and Sony Mix
  • Awesome TV - Internet Television partner with extensive promotion and event day coverage.
  • TV Asia - leading South Asian TV channel promoted the event and provided event coverage on their network. .
  • ARY Digital - exclusive Pakistani TV media partner with event day coverage.
  • Radio Zindagi and EBC Radio – Radio partners with over 300 spots over a four week period before the event

Digital Media

The Festival was promoted extensively on various digital media outlets:

  • Event page updated nearly three times a day with promotions and news.
  • Over 30 Facebook ads in two months, resulting in likes and engagements.
  • On the event day, continuous live updates. 60 posts during a single day.
  • Slick and highly informative Festival web site.
  • Google advertising servers to drive traffic to the event's web site and sponsors' web sites.
  • Active Twitter account with several tweets related to the event.
  • A Youtube channel with several promotional videos to create a buzz and awareness about the event.
  • Banner advertisements on several leading ethnic portals



The Festival was widely promoted through different print media avenues:

  • Rediff India Abroad, the top South Asian print and online newspaper was the print media sponsor with editorial features and multiple full-page ads.
  • Desi Talk a regional Indian newspaper promoted the event with its pre and post event editorials and advertisements in its print and online outlets.
  • Over 10,000 flyers were distributed through ethnic retail outlets in Tri-State area
  • Over 200 posters at several popular and crowded ethnic outlets and destinations.
  • Over 200 road signs at strategic locations within ethnic communities in the region.

Press Release

The press release issued through PR Newswire gained a lot of traction and coverage for the event in the broader regional and national media:

  • 240 web sites with a potential audience of 21M.
  • Accessed by MarketWatch, Reuters, Washington Business Journal, Star Tribune and local media outlets of major networks like FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC.
  • Inquiries from journalists regarding the event.
  • Large number of release views, post-engagements, and search engine traffic.
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